Is “Fairsharemusic” dead?

According to Wikipedia, “fairsharemusic is a commercially run social enterprise and award-winning music download store where legal downloads are combined with charitable donations.”
N.B.  The “fair share” part of the name refers to sharing revenue with charities, not to sharing the music.

At I’m currently getting just a blank page.

There are Twitter reports of this, going back a week.  And their own Twitter feed has nothing since 4 weeks ago, when they said “apologies to anyone who has been experiencing problems with the site over the past few days. We’re having some technical difficulties“.

I liked this site because you could buy DRM-unencumbered mainstream music, and it had a ‘gift’ feature that could apply to a specific track or album – as opposed to just giving credit (like Google Play for example).  The only remaining site I know of with those features is Amazon, but I try to boycott them for their tax avoidance and their abuse of software patent law.