Unsolicited “added to your Google Play library” notification

On my Android phone I just received a notification that something has been added to my Google Play library. This was unsolicited, and a quick web search didn’t offer any explanation. In particular, Google told me the following:

No results found for “added to your google play library” unsolicited.

So I thought I’d create this blog post, so there’s at least 1 search result from now on.

If you know how this can have happened, please comment below. If I find out, I will add the information here.

Amusingly, the thing that was added to my Google Play library was a book called “Do You Mind if I Put My Hand on it?“. And that was the text that appears most prominently in the notification! So it seems like it could be a prank.

But the last time I checked, Google didn’t let people ‘gift’ each other specific digital products – which seems to be confirmed by Dan Tynan, “If you want to give someone an app, book, song, or video from the Play store, you have to go into a brick-and-mortar establishment like Target or Walmart and buy a plastic card.”

So I’m currently slightly mystified.

I presume I’m on the UK Google Play store, if there is such a thing.  The notification has a time of 13:23 UTC, the date is 2015-02-04.