UK RSS Feed Resources


I haven’t found any websites / discussions forums / etc. that are specifically about RSS feeds provided by British organizations, or RSS feeds that otherwise pertain to the UK.

In fact it was a struggle to find any websites / discussions forums / etc. about RSS even in general.  Eventually I found RSS Circus, which is for “News on the RSS ecosystem … in French and English”  It does have some stories about the actual feeds, but seems to focus mostly on the software/services/etc. that are relevant to the RSS ecosystem.

So I thought I’d create this blog post, with a view to keeping it updated with any interesting UK RSS feed info that I come across.  Please feel free to comment if you have anything you think should be added, or if you are aware of a better place for this information to go, or if you’d like to discuss anything else pertaining to UK RSS feeds.


Generic Resources


Specific Sites

I am not trying to compile a comprehensive directory of feeds here.  If anything, I’d be more interested in listing large organizations that don’t provide feeds when they arguably should.

Anyway, here is the RSS info for some of the larger organizations in the country.


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